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Catholic Evangelist Richard Lane

Upcoming Engagements

Parish Mission, Stansberry, MO.

March 26 - 29, 2012

Parish Mission, Maricopa, AZ.

April 1 - 4, 2012

Parish Mission, St. Pius X, Chula Vista, CA.

April 16 - 20, 2012

Youth Rally Corpus Christi, TX.

April 22, 2012

Revival, St. Raymond Philadelphia, PA.

April 30 - May 2, 2012

More to come....

Catholic Evangelist Richard Lane


About Us

Qorban Ministries was founded in 2005 by Catholic Evangelist Richard Lane and Master Catechist Donna L. Lane. Both having dedicated their lives to God, Mr. and Mrs. Lane have committed themselves to serving the poor, needy and suffering through "Preaching, Teaching and Sharing the Word of God" with the whole inhabited world.  This is the essence of evangelization.

Having begun by handing out Bibles and Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the inner city streets, through the Grace of God, Qorban Ministries has gone into Baptist, Inter/Non- denominational Churches, sharing the Good News of Salvation in the truest form of ecumenism. 

Since 2005, Evangelist Richard Lane has spoken to thousands of people around the United States, at Catholic Men's Conferences, Revivals, Parish Missions and many more events.  Evangelist Lane has been featured in many National Catholic Publications, Sports Review Magazine, Catholic Answers "LIVE", Relevant Radio, Ave' Maria Radio, Sirius / XM Sattelite Radio, as well as Local St. Louis Television, and "The Journey Home" with Marcus Grodi!

As a sought after Catholic Speaker, Evangelist Richard Lane is continually invited to speak and give "Reflections" which focus on the essence of our lives; Faith, Hope and Love, without these three essentials our lives are meaningless.

The greatest blessing is that Evangelist Richard and Donna Lane are able to minister together, in Parish Missions and Revivals, showing God's Love, through truly LIVING the Sacrament of Marriage, which consists of THREE; Richard, Donna and Christ!  Richard and Donna are not just TALK, they actually LIVE OUT the Faith in their daily lives, in all they do. 

Master Catechist Donna L. Lane is one of the most PROLIFIC teachers of the Catholic Faith in the United States. Her customized Workshops on "Spirituality", "A Black Presence in the Bible", and many more are renowed across the U.S.!  Donna's unique and loving way of presenting individual and group spirituality is both thought provoking and loving.  She teaches the true Love of Christ and the Light of the Holy Spirit that shines from each of us, which needs to spread to ALL peoples, ALL day, EVERYDAY!

 Qorban Ministries is here to help with your evangelization efforts, without reinventing the wheel.  We can also augment your existing efforts, making them more productive.

Qorban Ministries knows that WE cannot convert anyone, whereas it is the Holy Spirit that brings people to seek Christ.  We are merely vessels used by God to sow the seeds of thought provoking discernment, then let the Holy Spirit ignite the Fire! 

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