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Catholic Evangelist Richard Lane



 By Ray Dyer 

The Sooner Catholic
OKLAHOMA CITY — Frigid temperatures and a steady mix of cold and often frozen rain falling across the state could not keep more than 650 men
away from the 12th annual Oklahoma Catholic Men’s Conference held Feb. 16 at Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School.
Presented by the Oklahoma Fellowship of Catholic Men, the conference carried the theme of perseverance. Throughout the day the men listened as
speakers testified that faith in God is the key to finding peace and strength in a world that too often glamorizes evil and promotes self-satisfaction above all
“The devil is alive out there,” Richard Lane told the audience. “He wants everyone to live in pain.” The son of Hall of Fame footballer Dick “Night Train”
Lane, Richard Lane described growing up surrounded by celebrities such as Joe Louis, Jesse Owens and Sammy Davis Jr., but what he really wanted was a father who would spend time with him.
“I waited 35 years to hear my Dad tell me he loved me,” the younger Lane said. He said he forgave his father, because “he never knew how to be a father.”
Born in the late 1920s in Austin, Texas, “Night Train” was abandoned by his biological mother at 3 months of age. “His mother threw him away in a trash
can,” Lane said. His father was rescued and raised by a loving woman, but he never experienced the love and guidance of a father.
Lane, a convert to Catholicism, has faced great challenges himself. He told the audience how his young daughter started experiencing convulsions that
doctors were unable to explain. One day at Mass, his daughter started shaking; he cradled her in his arms and in the back of the church began to pray
The Lord’s Prayer over her.
“I prayed for God to put her pain on me,” Lane said. That was several years ago and his daughter has not experienced a convulsion since. “I said that day,
‘God, you said you would heal and I believe you.”’
Lane said it was the Eucharist that drew him into the Catholic Church. “How much more of a personal relationship can you have with Jesus Christ,”
he said. “Everything we need is in our beautiful Catholic faith and yet we still have doubts. Fear blocks our blessings, fear blocks our blessings.”
Lane said fear is erased when we turn our lives over to Christ. “The Holy Eucharist gives us the strength to persevere,” he said.
Bob Jacobson came to the conference from Saint Mary Church in Clinton. He brought with him his son, Doug Jacobson, and his future son-in-law, Scott
Dawkins. This was the second Men’s Conference for the elder Jacobson. “These speakers give us a great example,” Bob Jacobson said. “They say
the things we are all thinking, but are afraid to say out loud in public.” Mass celebrated by Archbishop Beltran concluded the conference.
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